Website Hosting

shared, cloud-based, or dedicated hosting options

Website Hosting

We can create a hosting environment that suits your business needs today and for the future because all of our hosting plans are built to grow with your business. Standard packages include:

  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Unlimited emails
  • $20 per month (or less)


Call for an estimate today!

cPanel Hosting

The benefit of using cPanel is that if you are so inclined you can easily add emails and do some basic server maintenance all by yourself (DIY). If this is something you never want to think about, let alone do, never fear cPanel is here! In this easy-to-use environment a website hosting specialist can take care of just about any request and you don’t have to wait on the phone listening to terrible music for hours on end!

Hosting Extras

Today’s Open Source code is a double-edged sword. There are tons of amazing free programs to use in WordPress or Drupal that cost nothing or at least very little. that said, because of their widespread use they are also vulnerable to security threats. I suggest at a minimum an SSL and some scanning tool that looks for malicious code protects against brute force attacks and can repair any injected code if it’s found. These extra hosting services are frequently on sale and are easy to manage… they keep your investment safe from blacklists on Google and your code clean!


Reliable uptime!


Backups. RAID protected.


Malware and firewalls.

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