Email Marketing is one of the most cost effective ways of reaching your clients. It can also be done horribly wrong and all your emails can end up in client spam folders and your business can be flagged as a “spammer.” You want to avoid that- right? So it’s easy to hire a professional Internet marketing firm to help you get started creating your email template and managing your lists for you.

So what about lists? You will need one to get started!  If you don’t have one we can start developing one for you internally. Another good tactic is to purchase, through third party services, double opt-in behaviorally targeted lists for any demographic you might be interested in targeting (example: avid skiers who make $100,000 or more per year, who live in Texas). These lists can be great sources for reaching new prospects and cultivation of new leads. If you have a good email database or list already but haven’t made the leap we can tailor a program that will work for you.

How these programs work is pretty simple; we put a sign-up on your web site and filter the sign-ups into as many specific lists as you like so we can create custom messages that are just right for your clients needs. Then we create a time line for sending out these messages and stick to that, as much as possible. Last, we implement the email with a creative and easy to follow design that will capture the interest of your clients and ultimately lead them to some kind of conversion on your web site or landing page.

All this, and robust tracking and analytics designed to report customer reactions to your message. Please submit an email marketing demo request if you would like to give it a try or if you have questions.

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Email Marketing Campaigns