IDEAS Membership web development

About this Project

This might be one of the more interesting projects I've completed! The membership platform is incredibly robust and it allows members to subscribe to annual, 3 year, or lifetime terms at face value, but behind the scenes members can manage their profile quite easily! Content restrictions allow public facing pages and documents to be viewed while only members have access to other website content and documents stored on the Google Drive. There are four tiers of membership privileges; Public, Members, Board of Directors, and Admin. All with unique features and capabilities as well as custom menus to navigate it all based on their logged in privilege!

The Google Drive is a cool integration which allows your familiar file sharing structure which is paramount for this International organization's need to collaborate around the World, and it also makes it super easy to add entire folders or specific documents as links or documents for viewing and downloading.

I could probably go on and on... but I won't (smile)... suffice it to say this project has stimulated my creative and programing juices!

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Custom User Profiles, Content Restriction, PCI, Google Drive File Management
International Development Evaluations Association