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Working with Nancy, the Executive Director of the Gunnison County Libraries is such a pleasure. She knows what she wants and is flexible when it comes to finding solutions to possible challenges. At face value this site doesn't seem all that big or interesting but there's quite a bit going on. First and foremost Nancy wanted equitable representation for the Gunnison, Crested Butte and Somerset Libraries. That was pretty easy to accomplish. Next we wanted to show the events in each location as well as globally on the website. Events are big drivers to the libraries so showcasing the multitude of categories, repeating times, etc in a visually pleasing and informative way was gracefully managed by our robust calendar solution. The Libraries are a part of a larger library network which provides book searches so we needed to incorporate their search tools and scrollers of recent and new publications.  this is a pretty cool tool, check it out in the top bar. A recent community initiative called OVPP was looking for a home for their "Gunnison Valley Health and Wellness Guide" so we built a 700+ member directory of all the health and wellness offerings in the Gunnison Valley. that alone was a feet for countless volunteers to collect and proof these listings. Check out the Wellness Guide for yourself

The library also servers a large multicultural population so we wanted to incorporate a language translation tool. It turns out our solution is pretty ok... it translates the entire website to any number of languages like Spanish and Chinese. These global site translators miss some syntax and are a bit awkward for native readers but pretty darn good compared to translating every page manually!

Last but not least the website is easily managed by a number of staff members and monitored for security purposes to ensure no malware or malicious threats take it down. in short, this site is small but mighty!


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