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About this Project

Vino Sailda was a collaboration with a graphic designer from Salida, CO and Midnight Marketing Solutions. Previously Vino Salida did not have an E-Commerce Solution so we decided to build on the Ubercart and Drupal platforms to integrate a new design that highlights their branding. The work is on going as they expand to other states... currently they offer wine sales in states outside Colorado such as Texas and California for now.

Wine sales, and E-Commerce in general, requires configuration of taxes for each city and in some cases counties, states and even by zip codes so we have to apply special rules to accomodate these different rates, and Commerce makes that pretty easy! Postage also needs to be configured, and in this case Vino Salida is using a flat rate structure, rather than carrier calculated, in order to accommodate for the custom shipping that is required.

In the checkout work flow, the site has been configured to only process payments of buyers 21 or older and residing in the states where sales licenses exist (CO, CA, TX for now)!

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E-Commerce, Drupal, Ubercart
Vino Salida