Rocky Mountain Trees & Landscaping

Rocky Mountain Trees & Landscapes

About this Project

This has been a fun and collaborative website build. Office staff has been very supportive and fun to work with.... and it's also fun to showcase the amazing work Rocky Mountain Trees & Landscaping does. Through professional photography, by Xavier Fane, these jobs come to life in large image displays and media galleries throughout the website.

To capture interest and customer requests a number of webforms have been deployed. They help Second Home Owners to provide details RMT needs to manage their properties while they are away, as well as order Holiday wreaths and Christmas Trees for delivery just in time for the holidays!

Because the Nursery/Garden Center is such a vital part of their business, it's likely the next step will be to integrate an e-commerce solution with the existing drupal installation.

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Drupal, Responsive, CMS, Webdforms
Rocky Mountain Trees & Landscaping