Mesa Campground

About this Project

I've been working with Allan and Francie since before they moved to the USA. We started with a simple drupal website and have upgraded twice. Along the way we've improved the user experience and the admin ease of editing and management.

In our latest upgrade we have deployed an Interactive Map which allows admin to click to add images and descriptions, and assign an icon to mark the hotspot on the map. Campground guests can then move their mouse around the map and see what each site looks like first hand before making a reservation! 

We've also built an email platform that allows marketing communications to be sent to subscribers with ease. Email marketing is a great way for Allan & Francie to share Campground updates, stories, and images of the destination... as well as maintain a relationship with their guests after they have returned home. 

The site accommodates guest requests for reservations, but currently there is not a live booking option from the site.... maybe that's next??

It's been really fun to develop a website that is user friendly and robust... and to work with such great people! 

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Drupal, Image Galleries, Newsletters, email Marketing, Interactive Image
Mesa Campground